The Permanent Representatives’ Committee (PRC)

Composed of Permanent Representatives of Member States accredited to the Union and other duly accredited plenipotentiaries of Member States resident at the Heaquarters of the Union. The Permanent Representatives Committee is charged with the responsibility of preparing the work of the Executive Council.

Functions of the PRC
  a) Act as an advisory body to the Executive Council;
  b) Prepare its Rules of Procedure and submit them to the Executive Council;
  c) Prepare the meeting of the Executive Council, including the agenda and draft decisions;
  d) Make recommendations on the areas of common interest of Member States particularly on issues on the agenda of the Executive Council;
  e) Facilitate communication between the Commission and the capitals of Member States;
  f) Consider the Programme and Budget of the Union as well as administrative, budgetary and financial matters of the Commission, and make recommendations to the Executive Council;
  g) Propose the composition of the Bureaus of the organs of the Union ad-hoc committees and sub-committees;
  h) Consider matters relating to the programmes and projects of the Union particularly issues relating to the socio-economic development and intergration of the Continent, and make recommendations thereon to the Executive Council;
  i) Participate in the preparation of the programme of the activities of the Union as well as the preparation of the calendar of meetings of the Union.