The Executive Secretary

During their term, members of the Board are assisted by the Secretariat led by an Executive Secretary. The Executive Secretary is Mrs. Charity Hanene Nchimunya.

Since its inception in 2009, the Board has realized a number of activities, which led to the following key results:

On the organizational plane:
• The setting-up of the Board and the Executive Secretariat,
• The elaboration and adoption of its internal rules and regulations,
• The elaboration and adoption of a code of conduct for the Board members,
• The development of a strategic plan (2011-2015) with related programme of activities.

On the technical plane:
• The elaboration and submission of a questionnaire to States Parties to evaluate the level of domestication of The Convention,
• The initiation of partnerships with development partners for the implementation of the programme of action,
• The conduct of advocacy missions for the ratification of The Convention to Non-States Parties,
• The conduct of assessment missions to evaluate the implementation of The Convention.