Pan-African Parliament

The permanent seat of the Parliamentary Parliament (PAP) is in Midrand, Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa. PAP was inaugurated on 18 March 2004. The establishment of PAP was inspired by a vision to provide a common platform for African peoples and their grass-roots organizations to be more involved in discussions and decision-making on the problems and challenges facing the continent.

The ultimate aim of PAP is to evolve into an institution with full legislative powers, whose Members are elected by universal adult suffrage.  At present it exercises advisory and consultative powers. PAP currently has 230 Members.

Functions of the Pan-African Parliament
• Facilitate the effective implementation of the policies and objectives of the OAU/AEC and, ultimately, of the African Union.
• Work towards the harmonization or co-ordination of the laws of Member States.
• Make recommendations aimed at contributing to the attainment of the objectives of the OAU/AEC and draw attention to the challenges facing the integration process in Africa as well as the strategies for dealing with them.
• Request officials of the OAU/AEC to attend its sessions, produce documents or assist in the discharge of its duties.
• Promote the programmes and objectives of the OAU/AEC, in the constituencies of the Member States.
• Encourage good governance, transparency and accountability in Member States.
• Familiarize the peoples of Africa with the objectives and policies aimed at integrating the African continent within the framework of the establishment of the African Union.
• Promote the coordination and harmonization of policies, measures, programmes and activities of the parliamentary fora of Africa.

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